How to Survive in the City, the Suburbs, and the Countryside Following A Catastrophic Disaster.

Off Grid Camp Stoves

Camp Stoves for Off Grid Survival, Urban Survival, and Wilderness Survival.

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In the event of disaster, you should have both fuel (wood, propane, or liquid fuel) and an off grid camp stove to use to cook food with.

You may be without electricity or natural gas for a number of weeks or months, and it important to have both fuel to cook with, and a camp stove to cook on, that burns a specific fuel type.

Propane is the most common fuel source to keep around (store it in your garage, in a shed, or outside under a tarp -- don't store it in your home, as it can have a slow leak and poison the air).

To conserve propane, turn to a smaller propane camp stove during a time of disaster, rather than use your barbecue. That outdoor barbecue will likely use quite a bit more propane than a smaller propane camp stove. Propane camp stoves are designed to work with much smaller bottles of propane than your standard barbecue.

To connect a camp stove to a much larger propane tank, you need a special fitting:

Camco 12' Propane Hose Assembly

With this fitting you can now connect your camp stove (which uses a lot less fuel) to your barbecue size or larger propane tank.

What about heat?

In an extended emergency, you (and anyone staying with you, such as friends or family) should restrain the urge to burn fuel for heat, and instead put on several layers of clothing, gloves, wool socks, jacket, stocking hat, and or balaclava (ski mask) to stay warm. By dressing warmly instead of burning fuel, you will conserve any fuel that you do have for cooking purposes only, and overall your fuel will now last a lot longer.

What if you run out of propane?

A great back up stove for an extended emergency at home is a small wood burning stove like Solo Stove.

With just a few small sticks, paper, brush, etc. you can get a small fire burning within seconds, and quickly cook food in a small pot or pan within a few minutes. It's small enough to carry in a backpack and popular with a large number of backpackers, hunters, and people who fish.

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