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Radical Islam - A Sign of the Apocalypse?

Radical Islam, the CIA, and Jesus - What's the Connection? Biblical Signs of the Apocalypse

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Whether it's catastrophic natural disaster or war on the homeland or a deadly virus created by a rogue government -- this is only the beginning.
America's clear and present danger today is an attack by terrorist nations with weapons of mass destruction. Just ask Homeland Security or anyone at the CIA or Pentagon. Be careful about asking questions though -- you may quickly find yourself on a no-fly list and under surveillance.

It's that serious.

If America suffers attacks... if we ever see martial law... the first domino has fallen and the rest are going to fall right along with it.


That first attack is the first step toward nations that hate America and our allies toppling the West.

Just that first weapon of mass destruction followed in short order by a few more weapons of mass destruction will be enough... Remember, Radical Islam is at war on the West. We're at war on Radical Islam. We're fighting an un-conventional war a lot like the Cold War but with actual conflict, bombs, soldiers, kidnappings, torture, and nowadays drone attacks.

The Cold War Cranked Up a Few Degrees

It's not likely to stay at this temperature though. I believe Radical Islam is going to increase the heat, we're giving them ample time to plan for and coordinate multiple attacks. Odds are this isn't simply doomsday talk. It's a good bet that Radical Islam is not going to stop coming after us and not going to stop plotting attacks. There is too much fervor. Too much hate and emotion. There's too many of them and they see us as tied up by too many policies and not enough funding and not enough will power to ever stamp them out.

And so that first major attack with a weapon of mass destruction is likely to start a chain reaction of events and America is not going to be the same land or government that we currently know when it's all over with.

Martial Law in America

Following any mass terrorist attack cities and communities are going to come under the control of American forces who enforce authority locally -- commonly called Martial Law. Some of these cities are going to split off from national government -- specifically when they believe that national government is no longer completely in power -- as would happen with just one nuclear detonation in Washington D.C that wipes out the White House and Pentagon.

Some of these cities likely to fall have people that we would call traitors today due to their associations and business dealings with enemy nations. Remember, every nation that hates America has it's own people here. We are a land of immigrants, organized crime, and corruption at many levels.

If America were to fall you can expect a sophisticated plan to unfold where foreign nations claim power, using people and assets that are already in America. Think of the Chinese, Russian, South American, and of course Middle Eastern investments in much of America's economy, as well as political corruption where many of our local and national leaders will gladly sell their own soul for either safety, or money, or both.

Americans Imprisoned in Concentration Camps

With a new government taking control ran by enemy nations with hatred for the United States deep in their hearts, most Americans aren't going to be treated kindly: Many will be taken captive and placed in concentration camps likely to spring up in multiple areas across the nation. Many people are likely to be executed.

That's just how it works in war time typically -- specifically when dangerous, murderous regimes take power. We've seen it before -- think World War II Nazi Germany and other Axis powers such as Japan -- and the Bible promises that the world is going to see it again, one final time, and it's going to be worse than anything the world has ever seen before.

You might want to believe this. All the chips are in place today. If the Bible wasn't true, why would all the chips be here -- all the chips that line up with end times Bible prophecy? Israel surrounded by armies that want to destroy it (Matthew 24)... A lone superpower (America) hated by numerous powerful nations that if allied together could easily destroy it (Revelation 17 and 18).

The fact that Israel itself is even a nation and right at the center of the current world conflict points to Bible prophecy.

It's time to believe, it's time to prepare. Or you just might find yourself in a concentration camp and asked to swear your allegiance to Allah. We have mosques nowadays in every major American city. We have mosques across Western Europe. Radical Islam has gone global.

Why do you think the FBI and CIA watch these mosques so closely -- or at least try to? If they could close these mosques down, they would, in a heart-beat. But they can't -- America has religious freedom -- and it's just one more policy that ties America to it's likely destiny.

Reject Allah

You might want to promise yourself right now that whatever you do -- don't swear allegiance to Allah. Don't do it to save your family or your children.

You see, once you've sworn that allegiance you're likely to be marked -- that mark might be placed on your right hand or even forehead.

Sound familiar? Maybe that's because Hollywood has spun out movies about 666 (what the Bible calls the "mark of the beast" pronounced "Six-Six-Six") so many times over the years that it's become ingrained in the public mind. We know what it is but so many people fail to read Revelation (last chapter of the Bible) and don't know the specifics. And so we've demonized it rather than realized it.

Think about that the next time you scan one of those new high-tech bar codes with your smart phone (called a QR code). It looks harmless. Not many realize that the technology that would one day enable 666 to be used as a world wide identification system (in order to buy or sell as it tells us in Revelation) is here today. In terms of 666, people are expecting something a lot more sinister.

Perhaps the only clue we have is the three square boxes in every QR code. Identical square boxes. From what I understand every QR code has one.

That's one more chip that's in place today that lines up with end times Bible prophecy. From a human viewpoint it's a little ridiculous that there are even three squares in these QR codes. Give me a break -- Bible theologians and end times prophecy watchers are going to have a hay-day with this one. 3 squares in every code. 3 identical marks. 666.

My conclusion, why there's these three boxes -- God has ordained this and he's giving us a "sign" that the world is in the end times. Our current harmless QR codes are simply a "sign" of something sinister to come. The Bible says that there will be signs in the heavens and signs in the earth to alert us (or those watching) that we would soon see the great and terrible day of the Lord.

Don't get too excited yet -- America's current use of those bar codes is just fine. We're not being asked to swear allegiance to a false god. We're not being marked on our right hand and forehead. What I'm telling you to look out for is Radical Islam's use of these bar codes (or one just like it) to one day tag people, should Radical Islam's global pursuit of power ever actually take place.

It sounds so crazy... But it's in the Bible.

What if the Bible is true? Maybe it's time you asked yourself that -- if you don't already believe.

Swear Allegiance to the New World Order ... Or Make A Run For It

Forget about swearing allegiance -- forget it, forget it, forget it. It sounds too much like the Anti-Christ promised to come in the last days, according to the Bible, and the infamous "mark of the Beast" -- or 666 -- which isn't the actual mark, it's a riddle that we're supposed to figure out when the time comes. Why do I tell you to forget about swearing allegiance to the new world order? Because according to the Bible anyone who accepts the mark (in order to "buy or sell") swears themselves as followers of the Anti-Christ who is at some point even going to claim to be God, though it won't be true. The penalty stated in the Bible for receiving the mark of 666 is severe: Ever-lasting destruction in the Lake of Fire (Hell) with the devil and his angels. Much better to simply be martyred for choosing to believe in God -- which means you'll die as a Christian, choosing execution and eternal life in Christ vs. a short lived life as a follower of the Anti-Christ under his new world order.

Is it Too Late to Be Saved from the Time of Wrath?

In Revelation, the last chapter of the Bible, the Time of Wrath doesn't seem to occur until the fourth seal is opened -- which is when the first major loss of life in the end times takes place (a quarter of the world's population is killed). Because that day is not yet here I believe there's still time to be saved -- for a person to declare that Jesus Christ is Lord and that God raised him from the dead, and then to repent (turn from sin) to follow Jesus by FAITH and now live a new life according to the Bible -- God's Word (we have many articles on the topic of Christian teaching in our "Last Days" section). If today's the day you're finally ready to believe, follow the command given in Acts 2:38 -- "Repent and be baptized for the forgiveness of sins".

If You Choose Not to Believe ... Yet

Every day you put this off you risk that the "Day of the Lord" / "Time of Wrath" is going to arrive before you've been "saved by faith" in Christ. If you find yourself still alive and well when all hell essentially breaks loose it's time to finally seek God and hope that he will deliver you. Otherwise you're going to have to survive by your own wits in a terrible and dangerous land and my heart goes out to you and everything you're going to have to suffer before you either die or are rescued out of here (rescued because you've finally chosen to believe). Or your destiny may be simply to be martyred:

Revelation 13:5-10 - The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise its authority for forty-two months. It opened its mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven. It was given power to wage war against God's holy people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast -- all whose names have not been written in the Lamb's book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world.

Whoever has ears, let them hear.

"If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go. If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword they will be killed."

This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of God's people.

Ready for Faith?

The end times are going to be terrible. No survival cache or remote cabin or nuclear bunker are going to deliver you from the judgments God is going to unleash on planet earth. Realize that today -- and realize that there's still a way out by faith in Jesus Christ.

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