How to Survive in the City, the Suburbs, and the Countryside Following A Catastrophic Disaster.

How to Survive Nuclear Jihad

Here are Three Places to Cross into Canada / Flee for Alaska if Islamic Holy War (Jihad) is Finally Unleashed on America

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We've talked about Al Qaeda's plan for "American Hiroshima" on numerous occasions here at In fact, government officials have as well. It's not a question of if another terrorist attack is going to occur on American soil; rather, it's simply a question of when.
Even with Bin Laden gone, the religious fervor of Radical Islam continues on, growing it seems year after year, with nations such as Iran working behind the scene.

We are in a Holy War – that's what millions of Muslims in the Middle East, Europe, and even here in USA (where over 80% of mosques are reported to be radicalized) are saying.

And of course, quite a few Christians are saying this also. Many Christians are saying that Islam is the Anti-Christ religion prophesied to come in the 'end times'.

And that the infamous Anti-Christ, will turn out to be nothing more than a Muslim.

Now, for those of you who shun religion, consider this:

Millions of Muslims around the world are waiting for a religous figure to appear -- a person many of them refer to as the 'enlightened one'. They believe that this enlightened one is the 'Mahdi', and is a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, as foretold to come in the Koran.

WND: Warnings from Islam's 'messianic whirlpool'

Whether you believe in religion or not, if Islam conquers the West (which the President of Iran and many Muslim clerics and their followers believe is destined to occur), you'll be forced to become a Muslim.

And if the Bible is correct (which it is), and Islam is the Anti-Christ religion (which it appears to be), you'll be imprisoned and most likely executed if you refuse to convert.

Radical Islam: Death to America / Islam to Rule the World

Will Islam attack America?

In terms of what the next terror attack will entail, the jury is still out. However, we do know that several terrorists have crossed over into the United States. Further, terrorists are dead set on gaining access to nuclear weapons and are reported to have already done so. Finally, our enemies seem to be getting some help from former KGB agents, Hugo Chavez, and organized crime.

Put it altogether and you have a clear recipe for disaster.

So here's the question. If those nuclear weapons go off; if allied nations that are suspected to be aiding terrorists decide to invade afterward, what will you do? Will you sit back? Will you wait for the government to give you direction (which, let's face it, may never come if Washington D.C. is wiped off the map by a terrorist-detonated nuclear weapon)?

WASHINGTON POST: Bush orders contingency plans for surprise "decapatating" nuclear attack on federal government in Wash. D.C.

SAN. FRAN. CHRONICLE: United States drafts 'day after' nuclear plan

Update: 5/28/2008
ABC NEWS: Al Qaeda Terrorist Tape to Call for Use of WMDs

What if Christians are right?

That the 'end is here' and that the rapture of the church will occur as these nuclear weapons detonate? According to Christians, if you are not pure in the faith (in other words, if you haven't been truly saved by the shed blood of Christ on the cross, and you're not living a life of a born-again Christian), many believe that you will be 'left behind' as God's wrath unfolds on the nations. Yes, I said "Left Behind", as in the movie with Kirk Cameron of the same name about this very well known and also controversial Biblical event believed (and looked forward to) by many Christians.

Christians: Christ could come at any time and catch a foolish, wicked world completely by surprise

If this doesn't sound like a pleasant future, you may want to finally accept that the Bible is real – that the last chapter of the Bible, the Book of Revelation, is real – and give yourself fully to Jesus Christ and God's commands for our lives and turn away from evil – and escape the wrath that is prophesied to come on to the world as judgment in the earth's 'last days'.

In other words, if our world is entering the end times (predicted throughout the Bible) this may be your last chance to become a true Christian. There's a high probability that millions of Americans will die sometime this year in a nuclear terrorist attack(s), and wake up in Hell, where they will burn for eternity, as promised by God. Because they refused to read the Bible and surrender to God's commandments for mankind and be saved.

Rather than seek Holiness (as it's portrayed in the Bible), these people reveled in their evil lives, lost to sexual immorality, pride, anger, jealousy, greed and corruption.

They're destined to be destroyed -- or simply given a second chance to Repent and come to True Faith when God's Judgments begin on the earth.

If you fall short of God's demands for Holiness, and you're 'left behind', where will you go?

If you live up north, will you escape to Canada and head in the direction of Alaska (depending on your present location)?

Oh yeah, and since terrorists will no doubt be waiting for such measures, we're not talking about escaping the country by road or car.

We're talking about journeying through the wilderness via hiking trails, railroad tracks, and forest service roads.

If you do decide to go this route, escapees will want several things including isolation (so possible invading forces can't find and stop them as they hide out), water sources, and food sources abound. After all, who knows how long you'll have to hide outside during such a journey (especially if foreign nations invade Canada as well)?

If after deliberation a wilderness escape to Canada sounds best -- the state of Alaska would be a goal for many as well -- you're going to need to know about the where, and there are plenty. That said, has three such routes set up for you below. Please note, however, that taking any of these paths will require significant survival skills on your part. In other words, going this route is not for someone with a tee shirt and no wilderness skills. So be ready.

Central United States Escape Route to Canadian Wilderness

Height of Land Portage: If you live in Minnesota, you likely know of this place. If not, then here's the skinny.

The Height of Land Portage is a portage along the Boundary Waters route between Canada and the United States (portage refers to the practice of carrying a boat or other water vehicle over land to avoid an obstacle in the water). Specifically, the Height of Land Portage can be found along the boundary between Minnesota and Canada.

As far as portages go, the land is somewhat easy to navigate across the Laurentian Divide (a place separating the watersheds of the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans).

Now here's what's great about this area as an escape route. First, it is located in the La Verendrye Provincial Park, which is comprised of about 182 square miles of pretty unspoiled terrain and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (1.09 million acres of wilderness within the Superior National Forest of Minnesota). Along with this, canoeing lanes and water sources are plentiful.

Said another way, the Height of Land Portage provides relatively easy thoroughfare and has everything you need- water, wilderness shelter, various food sources, and isolation- to survive if the country were to become under attack (better dress for the cold, though). Further, invading forces are not likely to want to end up there as they will find no people.

Unless enough people read this article, that is.

North-East United States Escape Route to Canadian Wilderness

Baxter State Park and the Northern Forest: Here's the reality of the state of Maine. Nearly everything in the northern part of it is forest. Along with this, Baxter State Park, is the home of Mount Katahdin, several lakes, and an abundance of wildlife (we're talking moose, deer, bear, otter, mink, marten, fisher, weasel, coyote, bobcat, beaver, muskrat, raccoon, woodchucks, snowshoe hare, squirrels, chipmunks, flying squirrels, mice, voles, and lemmings).

The best part is that connected to Baxter State Park and the area surrounding Mount Katahdin is a Northern Forest that extends some 31 million acres connecting Canada to Maine, New York, and Vermont.

Some of the travel will be difficult. Some, not as much. However, with all of the available fresh water, hunting options, and isolation, this is a place for east coast dwellers to consider if Canada is the route they choose to take.

Western United States Escape Route to Canadian Wilderness / Alaska

Rocky Mountain Front: The Rocky Mountain Front runs over 100 miles from the central parts of Montana to southern Alberta, Canada. It is a wonderful and unique place where the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains. Thus, there is a rather amazing altitude rise located in this area.

We're talking four to five thousand feet in some spots.

The Front is located in Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Glacier National Park, Lewis and Clark National Forest, and on private lands connected to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Thus, there are plenty of lakes, wildlife, and other survival resources. In fact, domesticated herds are abound, in addition to several fishing opportunities.


Height of Land Portage

Rocky Mountain Front

Natural Areas in Baxter State Park

Mt. Katahdin, Katahdin Forest (Maine)

Unfortunately, this area is one of the few where Grizzlies still roam the plains. That's not a good thing when it comes to human survival, by the way.

In the end, the government has asked us to have emergency supplies on hand in case of a terrorist attack or natural disaster. Well, how about an escape route as well? In the end, those up north that have survival skills- and only those with true survival skills we may add- should consider what they might do if they had to cross over into Canada in advance of any such circumstances. Whether it be by one of the aforementioned routes or another, such pre-disaster thought could be the difference between survival and death.

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