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Iran's Dangerous and Satanic "New Age" Beliefs About the "Mahdi"

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Iran's Dangerous Beliefs About the Mahdi

What do UFOs, a cure for aids, the hallucinogenic drug DMT, and nuclear terrorists all have in common? Iran's Ayatollahs, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and millions more Iranians and fundamentalist Islamic followers believe that the "end of days" are unfolding right now and are preparing for the "soon coming" of the Islamic Messiah, a supernatural being Shiite Muslims know as the "Mahdi". Should people in the West be concerned? Hell, yes, they should be, say devout Christians. The shocking reason why ...

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On March 2nd, 2007, I wrote an article about the coverage of the President of Gambia's herbal cure for Aids, a cure that he claims his dead ancestors told him in a dream.
Apparently the President of Iran beat the President of Gambia to a cure for Aids by at least one month.

See World News: Iran's medical and technological breakthroughs

Two Presidents. Two herbal cures for Aids. One claiming that it came from dead ancestors in a dream.

The other claims that a joint effort between it's youth and scientists over seven years led to the cure.

That's strange. Iran just doesn't seem like the type to care about finding a cure for the world's Aids epidemic. In fact, the government of Iran seems much more focused on developing nuclear technology and that they'll go to great lengths to get it.

So, where did Iran really get this cure for Aids?

Apparently the President of Gambia's dead ancestors get around.

Iran: "Technological breakthroughs... Giant achievements coming soon..."

Iran's Dangerous Beliefs About the Mahdi

The United States (and the rest of the world) might be in for a big surprise... In a moment, I'll explain.

Though Iran claims that this herbal cure for Aids was seven years in the making, it's my guess that this cure for Aids came in much the same way as the President of Gambia's cure for Aids came...

Not from traditional scientific research.

After more than two decades of research and untold billions of dollars spent by the world's top scientists, if the world's top scientists can't invent a cure for Aids, how can two small countries (not known for their scientific resources) suddenly come up with an Aids cure, and only a month apart?

Some would say Iran is thinking outside the box.

Well, if Iran is thinking outside the box, how far outside the box are they thinking?

Let's explore that.

The conclusion of this article may change how you view the world forever.

Iran Enters the 'New Age'

In recent days Iran unveiled new banknotes bearing the nuclear symbol of electrons orbiting a nucleus, clearly indicating nuclear intentions.

Worth about $5, these banknotes carry a saying from the prophet Mohammed:

"Men from the land of Persia will attain scientific knowledge even if it is as far as the Pleiades." (The Pleiades is a star cluster in the night sky, also known as the Seven Sisters.)

'Dead Ancestors' vs. 'Scientific Knowlege from the Sky'

The President of Gambia and the President of Iran have both claimed herbal cures for Aids.

The (former) President of Iran took this one step further though by saying that he also has other scientific knowledge and technological breakthroughs, that will lead to "giant achievements" and "victory". He then makes it clear that Iran has nuclear "rights".

Even with a new president in office now in Iran, something strange is brewing in Shiite controlled Iran:

Let's have another look at that new banknote with the nuclear symbol on it --

"Men from the land of Persia will attain scientific knowledge even if it is as far as the Pleiades."

So what exactly was the President of Iran saying -- that he thinks his source for new scientific achievements and "technological breakthroughs" comes from the cosmos?

Does this have anything to do with the UFO reports over Iran in recent years? Or does it have anything to do with the former President of Iran's claims to be in contact with the "Mahdi", who is said in certain tenets of Islam to be a supernatural being that the West might think of as the Muslim "messiah"? (Followers of this tenet of Islam, such as Iran's president and the crazed Ayatollahs believe the Mahdi will destroy the West and lead Islam to global conquest; if this figure turns out to be real, Christians will likely call this figure "the Anti-Christ".)

Well, whatever is going on, the question to ask is this: just where did Iran get this amazing new knowledge its so excited about?

I hope I have your attention.

Enter Joe Rogan, Host of NBC Fear Factor

What do Joe Rogan and the President of Iran have in common?

Now this story gets weird. I hope you have five minutes. Either you're going to go away from this article saying, this writer is crazy.

Or... the President of Iran is crazy.

In 2006, for a number of personal reasons I reveal in my blog, I started doing serious research on religion and consciousness.

(A few months later after a very unexpected set of experiences over many days I became a Christian and gave my life to Christ.)

Regarding my research on religion, God, and the search for consciousness, I don't remember how, but I came across a video on UTube, where Joe Rogan (NBC Fear Factor) on a national radio show, spoke indepth about a highly illegal hallucinogen, called DMT (dimethyltryptamine).

Not only was he praising DMT, he reported it as something he'd personally taken. His story (more like a testimonial) was bizarre. During this tirade on his experience with DMT, he mentioned a book -- DMT - The Spirit Molecule: A Doctor's Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences -- written by Rick Strassman, a professor at the University of New Mexico.

DMT is strange stuff. In addition to being the chemical in your brain that makes you dream, apparently it also triggers near death experiences and is linked to alien abduction phenomena.

On the subject of this book by Rick Strassman, clinical studies were conducted under him at the University of New Mexico, where hundreds of volunteers were given DMT in high doses. Though short in duration (highs lasting only 5 - 10 minutes), the tales they told were tall.

Many reported having 'entered' other worlds and making contact with other beings (as DMT was already known for), beings that spoke telepathically and said things like, "We're glad you discovered this technology. If you can learn how to make it last longer, we can give you information to advance your civilization."

Whoah? What did you just say?

Hold on, it gets better.

These beings said other things as well. Sometimes these beings seemed surprised when the volunteers arrived. Other times they seemed indifferent. Other times they seemed happy and loving. Yet other times they seemed angry. See DMT - The Spirit Molecule: A Doctor's Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences.

These beings often took on different appearances, and the worlds always looked different.

What the professor didn't say in his book, but from what I concluded (as I'm sure many others have thought) was that these beings were probably always the same beings -- they were just taking on different appearances and acting differently for different people.

Different strokes for different folks.

How can you take a hallucinogen, and contact differerent beings, with different shapes and sizes, and different attitudes, in different parts of the universe, each time you took this drug?

Dr. Rick Strassman, the author of the book, admitted this also. His conclusion:

These beings are watching us. They know beforehand that a person is going to take DMT, and they're waiting for us when we do.

You have to admit, it sounds a lot like a Ouija Board.

Did the President of Gambia get a Cure for Aids by Smoking DMT?

Probably not. In Africa, the hallucinogenic drug of choice is called Ibogaine, which is derived from a plant and commonly taken for the specific purpose of making contact with "dead ancestors" and getting "wisdom". More than likely, this is what the President of Gambia was smoking when he claims he was contacted by dead ancestors with a cure for Aids in a dream.

Ibogaine and DMT are different drugs, but with similiar effects. One contacts dead ancestors. The other contacts beings from other worlds. Both groups seem eager to share wisdom with us.

Iran and the "New Age" - A Match Made in Hell?

To answer this question, let's take a modern day journey to the spirit world.

When we think of the spirit world, we generally think of tribal peoples and other ancient civilizations, and their shamans and priests and witch doctors.

In Mexico of the past, the Mayans were well known for drinking Ayahuasca Tea, a DMT concoction made from plants. The Mayans were an advanced civilization, particulary in astronomy, mathematics, and religion.

However their rulers descended into madness, when (apparently under the direction of priests "communicating with the gods" while high on DMT), they systematically marched thousands of prisoners, and their own people, to the top of their temple, and chopped off their heads, then tossed their heads like basketballs down the steps of a massive temple, as portrayed in Mel Gibson's movie, Apocalypto, released in Dec. 2006, because that's what the gods wanted.

Well, if the ancient Mayans took DMT to contact the gods, and modern day study patients at the University of New Mexico are taking DMT and contacting beings from other worlds, and both ancient and modern day Africans take Ibogaine to contact dead ancestors...

And now the President of Gambia is saying that his dead ancestors gave him a cure for Aids...

And the (former) President of Iran has said that not only does he have a cure for Aids, but he also has other technological breakthroughs and giant achievements that will give him victory...

What's really going on?

Who is being contacted?

Aliens?... Gods?... Dead Ancestors?

In his book, DMT - The Spirit Molecule, Dr. Rick Strassman concludes that the reason that his study patients can so easily make contact with other beings, is that these beings are watching us, before we even take DMT. They know we're going to take it before we take it.

So users don't really go to another world on this stuff, it just seems that way in their minds. Instead, these beings know that the users are going to take DMT or Ibogaine (Africa) before they take it, and are waiting for them to do just that, and put on a whole song and dance of apparent deception when they do.

In Africa, they appear as dead ancestors. To the ancient Mayans, they appeared as gods. In the United States, they appear as beings from another world. This is nothing new. Things have been appearing to man since the dawn of time, or for as long as man has been able to pick hallucinogenic plants, roots, and mushrooms from the ground and consume them.

Well, if these things have been around that long, why did they wait so long to give the President of Gambia a cure for Aids in a dream?

Who knows. The Bible reports that demons will perform miracles in the 'last days', and a cure for Aids definitely qualifies as a miracle.

With all the UFO sightings, isn't it easier to believe that aliens are involved?

These are obviously beings with advanced intelligence. Beings who know how to cure Aids by mixing simple herbs...

Really? Simple herbs? You mean to say that the same plants that grow on Earth also grow on planets in other solar systems?

What are the odds of that?

Ok, so these probably aren't beings from another planet.

These are beings that also seem to be watching us from another "realm", and have been for a long time, possibly throughout history. The New Agers have this realm well documented, but I dare not write about any of that here, as it's all occult material, which the average Christian, Catholic, or Jew would call Satanic.

What If...

What if Iran has jumped on the New Age movement (which has hundreds of millions of followers around the world, many claiming contact with other beings) and are seeking information from aliens, gods, and dead ancestors? Because when you plug that piece into this mysterious puzzle, an entire picture emerges -- and it looks like something out of Revelation (final chapter of the Bible).

The Bible reports that demons will perform miracles in the last days. A cure for Aids is a big miracle.

Help from a foreign god

Matthew 24:24 - "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."

Looking back on the history of the world's various civilizations, no one can really say what the 'gods' were, or what 'demons' really are, but we can say that they're there.

From paintings and murals of UFOs dating back thousands of years, to the fates of civilizations that worshipped gods from the cosmos, we can say that its not a good idea to contact these gods, or do business with them, as Iran may be doing.

The Mayans in Apocalypto worshipped gods. The ancient Egyptians worshipped many gods -- they also have carvings of what look like UFOs inside their pyramids.

God makes it clear in the Old Testament that we are not to put any other gods before him. In fact, of the Ten Commandments, it's the First Commandment. Today millions of New Agers are breaking this commmandment. Are rogue world governments?

Who are these other gods?

The Bible reports that foreign gods and anti-christian powers will come into the world in the last days, and if we are at the start of the last days (as many well-known Christian scholars and evangelists are claiming), then a country such as Iran seeking the power of the gods could be something that sets things in motion.

In the end, my goal isn't too frighten anyone today -- its to say if Iran is thinking outside the box, how far outside the box are they thinking?

In the last days the Bible tells us that most of the world will fall for a series of huge deceptions. However these deceptions come, don't fall for them.

Will these deceptions include UFOs? Promises of peace from rogue world governments who are secretly arming Islamic radicals with nuclear weapons for attacks on U.S. cities? Teachings from New Agers that there is no Hell, there is no sin, and that the salvation promised to us by God for believing in his son, Jesus Christ, is a lie?

Can our people and government get ourselves right with God? Or are we destined to be destroyed by our enemies, as judgment from God as "The End Times" of the world unfold, leading to the Biblical time period known as the "Great Tribulation"?

Iran's Connections

Now, even if Iran doesn't have connections to the cosmos, or if their claims to be in contact with the 'Mahdi' are bogus – they do have connections to Al-Qaeda, through Iran's proxy terror group, Hezbollah, who also has connections to other Islamic terrorist groups; we know about their connections to Mexican drug cartels via the nation of Venezuela, where Iran has a growing alliance with another outspoken enemy of America, Hugo Chavez. Even with the death of Hugo Chavez in 2013, Iran's alliances will most likely remain strong.

Where is all this going? Probably not in a direction most American's want it to go.

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