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The President of Gambia's Cure for Aids - A Recipe from Hell?

In the "last days" demons will perform miracles...

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by , Copyright © reports that "Dead Ancestors" Gave the President of Gambia the cure for Aids in a dream.
Now that you heard that on CNN, turn off your television and pay attention for a moment. Here is what the average person does not know about the "Last Days".

Now, before you get angry and think we're cramming religion down your throat, you might want to direct this anger first at

CNN is to blame for reporting this story: President of Gambia receives a cure for Aids from dead ancestors in a dream.

This sounds a little religious to us. With this in mind, we thought it might be smart to put our misconceptions about religion aside for a moment, and consider what the Bible says about this. Better safe than sorry, right?

In the Last Days, Demons will Perform Miracles

In the case of Gambian President Yahya Jammeh, who announced on today that his dead ancestors had told him in a dream the cure for Aids, are we seeing something like this?

Well, if you have any belief at all in the Bible, this should make you nervous right about now.

Hey, who wants to talk about the Bible anyway? If you're like a lot of people today, you probably haven't been near a Bible since your childhood days at Sunday School, and nowadays you've got better things to do. But bare with me for a moment.

Why You Should Be Worried

Other than television shows in recent years like John Edward Crossing Over, Medium (NBC), and Ghost Whisperer, most of us aren't really aware of how deep the spirit contact (New Age) movement has gotten. We may not be watching as much religious programming nowadays, and most Americans could probably care less about the latest movements New Agers are following.

It looks like those New Agers are bringing in a new age all right... and it's called the End Times.

When Moses was alive, the Egyptian's worshipped the sun god, Ra. The Ancient Greeks worshipped Zeus. The Mayan's, which Mel Gibson's movie Apocalypto portrayed, worshipped gods as well, gods that were contacted in trance states under the effects of hallucinogens; gods that had the Mayans beheading thousands and rolling their heads and headless bodies down the steps of any number of religious temples.

And in Africa today, hallucinogens are taken (smoked, chewed, whatever) to contact dead ancestors in the spirit world for what these African's think is wisdom. The President of Gambia claims that his dead ancestors contacted him in a dream, and gave him the cure for Aids.

The Bible has one word for these dead ancestors, these ancient gods of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Mayans - the Bible calls them demons.

By now, you probably have some belief in the spirit world. You've seen psychics on TV contact spirits, you've seen it in movies, and if you're one of the millions of 'New Agers' you may have even tried it yourself.

The Bible agrees that there is a spirit world. However, it makes it clear in many chapters that we are not to contact spirits. The Old Testament even goes so far as to tell us to stone anyone who does (that's how bad it is, in the eyes of God).

Three Things the Average Guy Should Know About Satan

First of all, Satan, the Bible tells us, deceives people by "masquarading as an angel of light". One way that probably shows itself is by the devil fooling much of the world into thinking he's something other than Satan, bringing love and peace and wisdom. In other words, hello New Age and false religions and cults like Scientology.

Second, Satan doesn't live in Hell. The Bible tells us that Satan and his demons occupy "heavenly realms" (Ephesians 6:12). Satan isn't cast into Hell by God until deep in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. So, when New Agers are contacting spirits in other realms, these are the "heavenly realms" warned about in the Bible. Realize I didn't say "Heaven". I said "heavenly realms". This is where the spirits ** cough ** demons live.

Third, psychic ability does not exist -- that's one reason science has never been able to prove it. However, demons can and do communicate with people who think they're psychic, and make them think that the information they're 'receiving' is from some unknown psychic source... some kind of God conciousness. Sorry New Agers, it's not. It's from demons. There is no "third-eye". There's only the demon or demons inside your head.

Ok, So Demons are Performing Miracles, as Warned about in the Bible - What Do I Do?

You can shrug off the Bible, as many nowadays have done, and decide to take your chances...

Or, you can accept that maybe we might just be in the "Last Days".

Aerosmith released a song last year, The Devil's Got a New Disguise. Satan has a new disguise all right -- he's made most people believe that he doesn't exist.

He's also made a lot of people believe the Bible isn't true.

Movies like The Da Vinci Code. Movies like The Lost Tomb of Jesus. (James Cameron, you're leading movie goers right into the hands of Satan.)

Satan, also called the 'Father of Lies', has put the world into such a massive state of confusion, that will put a story up about the President of Gambia discovering the cure for Aids, told to him by his ancestor's in a dream, and we -- the world in 2007 -- are gullible enough to believe it came from dead ancestors.

Which dead ancestors? Did they work for NASA?

There's a good chance that this cure for Aids that came in a dream will actually work -- I say that because this isn't the first time we've received "information from the other side", or been told we can have 'the knowledge of the gods'.

Voices from the Cosmos

Do you recall the movie A Beautiful Mind? Professor Jon Nash (who Russel Crowe portrayed) heard 'voices from the cosmos', which gave him the mathematical equations that had previously never before been invented.

Did you hear that? Jon Nash, alleged schitzophrenic, reports he heard voices from the cosmos, which is why he was diagnosed with mental illness (he did not have visual hallucinations as portrayed in the film). At one point, the voices gave him advanced mathematical equations, including "Game Theory", which he is credited as inventing.

Guess what? When the voices went away, he was no longer able to come up with new equations. And medication didn't make the voices go away. They eventually went away on their own. And again, when they did go away, he was no longer able to invent mathematical equations.

You can read all about it here - Jon Nash - Voices from the Cosmos - A Beautiful Mind

Conclusion - Are We in the Last Days?

What a sorry world we live in nowadays...

We kicked God out of school.

Porn and violence have saturated our lives.

New Agers from around the world are contacting spirits (and breaking the First Commandment on a massive scale).

Catholic priests are playing starring roles on NBC Dateline's To Catch a Predator.

Countless Lutheran churches across America now approve of homosexual clergy serving in ministry and as pastors of churches (the same day that that policy was approved by the way, a tornado touched down and tore the cross off a Lutheran church in Minnesota). Was that a sign from God? Probably.

A church in Sweden (puts it's middle finger up to God) and wants to marry same-sex couples.

And we are on the brink of having our cities toasted by nuclear terrorists...

How did all this happen?

We were so busy with our lives that we completely missed the warning signs... and now here we are -- demons are peforming miracles.

Demons Re-Defined

If demons perform miracles in the last days, well they must not seem like demons, if we're going to call what they do a miracle. Keep that in mind. The Bible tells us that false signs and wonders will deceive most of the world into turning away from Christ -- the true Christ. It also tells us that God passes a mass delusion on the people of the world who follow these false signs and wonders, making them firm believers in the miracles they witness.

While the rest of the scientific world has spent billions of dollars, searching for an Aids cure, the President of Gambia smoked some hallucinogen, fell into a dream state, contacted the spirit world, and came back with a cure for Aids.

So, the question is, are "demons performing miracles"? ...A cure for Aids? That's a pretty big miracle.

If this actually does turn out to be a cure, don't say we didn't warn you.

Here's a verse from the Bible to remind you of the unseen forces in the world that are not our friends:

Ephesians 6:12-13 - "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground..."

This day may be here sooner that we realize.

The President of Iran claims to ALSO have a cure for Aids. If Gambia's came from dead ancestors, where did Iran's come from?

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