How to Survive in the City, the Suburbs, and the Countryside Following A Catastrophic Disaster.

Hunting Supplies

Emergency Supplies for Hunting, Trapping, and Snaring Game Animals

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In the wake of disaster, it's smart to have a few essential hunting supplies on hand.

There's always a chance that you're going to run out of food, or that the food you have stored away will become destroyed or contaminated in the event of a disaster; or if you have to flee the area, you may have to leave much of your food behind.

Which means it's time to turn to the nearby woods and forests and learn how to hunt. With a rifle, a little knowledge, and plenty of ammunition, you can do well. But you're going to have to do your homework first, and learn some basic tips that will ensure you don't get shot by other hunters, and you don't scare off game by your smell, or because you make too much noise, or because you took a bad shot.

Tips for New Hunters - Should You Use a Rifle, Shotgun, or Compound Bow?

Rifle - The great thing about a rifle is that it gives you nearly unlimited range. The bad thing? It's loud and cumbersome to reload. Due to these factors, you need to be a decent shot or the deer may run away before you reload.

12 Gauge Shotgun - Loud also, but it allows four rounds to be held. Thus, you get the chance to shoot again quickly.

Compound Bow - Range is very limited. Further, you need more space to shoot with this. In other words, you better be good with the bow.

How to Get Your Prey Close: The Tools to Use

First rule to deer hunting is stay where you are and be quiet. Deer have an unbelievable sense of smell; thus, the last thing you want them to do is hear you. This is why cover scent-to hide your own smell-is warranted. By the way, you can also use an attract scent to lure bucks in.

Regardless as to what your weapon is, you'll want a deer call. This is a device that mimics the sounds of a deer. You would also be smart to use a rattle. A rattle is comprised of two horns that make it sound like deer are fighting (they are innately curious animals and may come).

Then there's the tree stand. A tree stand will allow you a better view of the area while looking for deer. It's a must if using the compound bow.

Always remember to observe all rules of the area you're hunting in. Always check with local agencies, make sure that you are very careful to know exactly what you're firing at, and know how to use all weapons before doing so.


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