How to Survive in the City, the Suburbs, and the Countryside Following A Catastrophic Disaster.

Survive Hard Economic Times

... and Possible Collapse of the U.S. Dollar

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A down economy can stretch on for years. Is the U.S. economy on the brink of collapse? Just how bad will it get and how will you and your family survive a financial crisis?

A strategy for surviving a down economy is called for. In fact, if you put that strategy in place today, you may find yourself with more money in your wallet at the end of each week or month.

Change Your Spending Habits

What's the strategy? It's called "frugal living" and it starts with changing a lifetime of spending habits that leave many people living paycheck to paycheck or simply having earned tens of thousands of dollars in a year only to have it all go to creditors and lenders.

In addition to getting a handle on your spending, you should also look (and seek advice from a handful of experts on the modern day market) at where you can invest any extra money you may have (for those of you in a higher income bracket with money to invest), such as into gold (said by many to be a solid investment when stocks are shaky) or even silver.

Remember Charity when Investing

I encourage readers to be "rich toward God" first, when it comes to investing, as we are told in the Bible that God's anger comes on those who store up wealth for themselves without "being rich toward God".

That doesn't mean your money should simply go to any local church or charity. Do your homework first and make sure that the church / charity you're giving to really does have a heart for the poor and those in need.

Some churches are corrupt. Other churches though are on the right path, and are doing a great job with donations, helping many people in local communities week after week. Do your homework before you start giving! Ask around!

Broke? Look for Ways to Earn

For those of you without a job or simply not making enough to make ends meet at your current job, after you start making changes to your spending habits, look at new ways you can make more money.

Did you know that a good YouTube video can earn $1000 a month or more? Do-It-Yourself videos are a great tool to generate money.

Another opportunity is to work as a consultant, helping companies "go green" so these companies can receive a "carbon credit" and a reduction in their federal and or state taxes.

These are just three examples. There are many opportunities to add money to your income with just a few hours of week at home, right from behind your computer. A few extra dollars a week could really make a difference in a down economy for people living paycheck to paycheck or not currently making ends meet.

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