How to Survive in the City, the Suburbs, and the Countryside Following A Catastrophic Disaster.

Food Supplies

Food Supplies for Long Term Storage and Surviving Catastrophic Disaster

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In the event of emergency, it's important to have food supplies for long term storage that don't need refrigeration and can be prepared with ease.

The most common food supplies are freeze dried food (popular with hikers and hunters), canned food (found in any grocery store), and non-perishable food, which is generally any food that doesn't need refrigeration, and has a shelf life ranging from a few weeks to many months. Military rations are usually last on a persons list of survival foods because of the mediocre taste of most, but they are still very good food items to have on hand for an emergency.

If your family is without fresh food sources for many months, you will appreciate being able to have a different variety of emergency foods on hand to choose from, even if that includes the occasional military rations (MRE - Meals Read to Eat), as you include them in your diet.

Freeze Dried Food - These are pre-packaged foods with a shelf life of several years typically.

Non-perishable Food - Food with a long shelf life that requires no refrigeration (though if you live in a hot climate you may need to outfit an area in your home or basement that stays cooler than 100-120 degrees. Many foods can spoil at higher temperatures. With modern day air-conditioning, there's typically no need to be concerned about non-perishables going bad due to heat. But following a major disaster and a loss of electrical power for days or weeks at a time, your non-perishables may go bad in just a few days.)

Canned Food - Canned food can be good for several months or even years at a time. Make sure all your canned foods has stamped expiration dates and replace any expiring foods in your food supplies with new stocks of canned food.

Military Rations (MRE - Meals Ready to Eat)

Vitamins / Mineral / Health Supplements

In a time of long term catastrophic disaster, fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) may be hard to come by. Your health (especially if you're older) can deteriorate quickly if you're only eating the foods listed above (canned food, freeze dried food, etc.). A lot of these products may be heavily processed and lack enough nutritional value to keep you healthy long term. A vitamin and mineral supply by a respected health supplement manufacturer could go a long way to keeping you and your family healthy for quite some time.


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