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Fishing Supplies

Fishing Supplies for Fresh Water Lakes and Rivers

If you live in a community in the small towns and foothills of America, you're likely to have more rivers and lakes available to consider fishing, than others who live closer to the cities.

With the prospect of a major disaster striking the area you live, now is a good time to become familiar with the basics of fishing, and what kind of bait to use (most likely you'll have to find bait that is natural) if you don't have any.

The goal with this website is to provide information to help you survive any disaster. And anytime you're attempting to make a survival plan, regardless of what got you to the point that you need one in the first place, a few things are absolutely needed.

One of these is food. If you're near water, that may mean fishing.

Of course, all water is not created equal. There's freshwater fishing and there's saltwater fishing.

Fishing for Beginners

Freshwater Fishing Equipment: The essentials

1. A fishing rod and reel.

2. Sinkers

3. Hooks (sizes 6-10)

4. Floats

5. Bait (live or artificial)

6. Fishing line (between 4 and 10 pound test)

Saltwater Fishing Equipment: The Essentials

1. Rod (a fly fishing basic rod will be between 8.5- 9 feet and will cost over $100 easy)

2. Reel (must be resistant to saltwater corrosion and will again cost over $100)

3. Saltwater Line

4. Leaders (long ones for shy fish, tough ones for the scarier variety)

5. Bait (live and/ or artificial)

Now remember, the purpose of telling you what fishing equipment to have is so you can go out and purchase it prior to a disaster. But let's just say that you don't and then that disaster hits.

Here are some considerations.

Fishing when you don't have the equipment

Well, the first course of action is to find something to lure the fish in. That's right: We're talking bait. Some of the more popular baits are earthworms, hotdogs, frogs, tadpoles, crayfish, insects, and kernel corn depending on the type of fish you're going for. Thus, these are things that may be available in your house or in the land around you. Simply put them on your hook and you've got a chance.

What if you don't have a fishing pole?

That's easy: Make one.

Well, actually it's not all that easy; but it is possible. Some things that you'll need are:

1. A pole (preferably made of bamboo or green wood)

2. A hook (think metal coat hanger)

3. Fishing line (the thinner and more powerful the string, the better)

There, of course, is more to it than that. Thus, if you want to learn more try either of the following links:

Make Your Own Fishing Gear

Make Your Own Bamboo Fishing Pole

Try it Survivor style

If you've ever seen the reality television show, Survivor, then you know that the contestants often spear their fish. This is possible, even if it won't be easy. Thus, if you have a knife and can shave a stick into a spear, that's also an option. A net could also help.

And finally, you'll need something sharp to gut your fish with.


Freshwater Fishing Basics

Saltwater Fishing Basics

Bass Fishing: Tips for Beginners

Make Your Own Fishing Gear

Make Your Own Fishing Gear

Make Your Own Bamboo Fishing Pole

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